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Dental House Nikolic Tourism is an agency of the renowned dentist practice house from 2010 in Subotica, an experienced and highly qualified dentists in the field of prosthetics, implants and cosmetic dentistry. Serbia is a very attractive destination for health tourism. A quality dental service and good prices, Serbia, is a desirable destination for professional and specialized dental treatment, especially implant services and prosthetics services. For reasonable prices in a relaxed atmosphere you can do all necessary tests and treatments. We do the dental and orthodontic treatments with the most modern methods. Dental house Nikolic  is a professional dental implant center with experienced and highly qualified dentists. We are the leaders in providing dental services, implantology, prosthetics and esthetic dentistry, due to constant education and implementation of the latest technologies. We provide dental services in a very pleasant atmosphere.  So far, the great number of patients recognized our quality and we hope you will do it too.



We offer dental travel packages that include a professional treatments at discounted prices, dental prosthetics (compensation for loss of tooth tissue), implantology services and estetic dentistry. Also we offer the sightseeing and exploring Subotica, the Lake Palic, the most beautiful Zoo in Serbia, the best restaurants in the area, wellness and relaxation.

Dental travel package includes:

  • Free online diagnosis and treatment plan within 24 hours!

  • Arranging treatment. After consultation, we will determine your treatment,  the date and time of the visit, according to your personal schedule and activities. You will find the best possible deal here .

  • Travel, accommodation and transport services. Whether you travel from Serbia or abroad, our services include the organization of accommodation in Hotel President or in some other apartments, free transportation from (Budapest and Belgrade) airport to the hotel and dentist's office.

Enjoy Subotica in Northern Serbia. We will give you an extraordinary and pleasant experience during your stay. Get a break for body and soul, meet beautiful and attractive places in one of the oldest cities in Europe. You will return home with your new smile. We offer a  Warranty with the recommendation of an annual examination. There are many reasons to visit us. You will find all tourist information about Subotica on the website of the Tourist Organization Subotica www.visitsubotica.rs. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, we will gladly help, give advice or recommendation.



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